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Longtail Pheasant ( Syrmaticus)
Welcome to my site ..This is dedicated to my father he works hard at making sure these birds are taken well care. I love him with all my heart.

With our ornamentals we are growing all the time and adding new species to our always  growing population of birds. All of our birds come from private breeders nothing is bought at auction or hatchery. We take pride at the lineages we are aquiring and believe in keeping them as true to standard as possible.Our Amherst cames from the Sandiego Zoo and our Reds are F2 stock.

our birds are fed fresh food and good quality crumble.During the off season our birds are put into flight pens to spend there time foraging. It is only during breeding season that these birds are put into 10 by 20 ft runs to breed.  At that time they are put on a higher protein crumble and fed alot of fresh foods.

We are taking orders and I have compiled a waiting list to those who are interested in eggs or babies. We do ship and love to have people over to see our set-up.I have incudators but have found that nothing beats a good silkie mom. 

Please sit back and enjoy this site and it's contents i have spent alot of time taking good pictures for my site. Because you are only as good as your birds look.
Guinea Fowl
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             PEACH,and DARK THROAT SPLASH Finally Butterscotch calls... Outstanding show lines.
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